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Remember, long ago, when getting dressed was exciting? Whether you need to revamp your wardrobe, pack for a trip or create a custom-tailored business seminar on style and polish, this Palm Springs style expert can help.

Robyn Howard restyles what you have in ways you never thought possible. You keep what works, edit the rest, make room for what’s new. Suddenly, dressing is fun again (and everything else, too.) One of her Robyn-isms: "Shop in your own closet."

It’s about looking good and living well.

Ultrachic yet down-to-earth Palm Springs style expert and closet organizer Robyn Howard delivers with wit and honesty common sense know-how for everyone. She helps you organize and restyle your wardrobe, and shop with purpose.

Robyn Howard lives her passion. In her presence, you feel her contagious enthusiasm, her immense talent and her steadfast commitment to your style. As always, her goal is to help you discover and identify your signature style. In the end, it’s about you: feeling confident and lit up, looking good and living well.

Rave Reviews

What devoted users have to say:
"For me, meeting Robyn Howard was life changing.  Robyn helped me change my clothes, my hair, my makeup and my attitude. She is an inspiration!

...Her passion for all things beautiful is contagious. I adore Robyn Howard!" (MORE)
- Kathleen Allan, volunteer

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Does your staff need some polish? Need a great perk for your top salespeople? Let a pro help them dress for assured success. From style tips to office etiquette, Robyn Howard shows you how to make it happen.  (MORE)

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